Monday, April 24, 2006

Who said something?

For some reason today has seen a huge jump in people reading this blog, has someone put a link up somewhere or has someone suggested reading this? What ever has happened, I hope those that have read these rantings today come back soon, to explore where this journey of my mind takes you next.

Whilst on that topic, may I point out
that I went to the doctors this morning and admitted that I was in need of some help with my mood, and such. She listened to me, and then asked a couple of questions, which she knew I could answer, but she had to ask. Now I've got a months supply of Anti-depressants and hope that they can help me. These are a new type for me, and are supposed to work within the week, so let's hope that's true and that maybe and just maybe, I can return to the jovial person that I was, without a care in the world.

Today hasn't been that bad, but I said the other day, I may have hit the bottom and am on the rise again, but regardless of that the tablets will help me with that and I won't be on them long, I can and do have AD's, it's just that I take myself off them after a while so I don't become addicted to them. It's never at the wrong moment either. So let's see how these go and how much my mood can improve over the next week or so...

I got an email from one of my friends today, and lo and behold they are on the front page of the Edmonton Journal, here's the picture. Both are great guys, we have met, and they owe me a couple games at the Rexall when I'm next over for the games at Old Trafford I gave them on there tour of the UK a good few years back. Mind you I don't think they realise that the day we met up in London has gone down in folklore with some of those that they met.... I think it was me having a drink or two more than I should and then driving home. That was also the day when we stopped in a layby for me to have a drink and rest, and one of the passengers waking up screaming at me for stopping in the middle of the motorway.

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