Wednesday, April 19, 2006


The party that is happening inside my head continues to engage itself, whilst it's disengaging with me. Well it's something going on in there, as for some reason I've got the second headache of the day. It's not as if I've done anything to even be near headache time, but I am. It has to be stress.

Well the local hockey team has announced it's new coach, and it's Tony Hand, or as the press are now building him up as, the UK's Great One. He does hold all the points and goal scoring records for UK players and more than likely all the records in the UK full stop. Mr Hand was also the first UK trained player to be drafted by an NHL team, of course it was the Oilers, just that he got homesick during try out camp and never stopped around long enough to make a career out of hockey in North America. I'm not overtly thrilled about the choice of coach, but I've got no position as such to voice a true opinion. All I hope for is that he get's the team right and the junior development right. Once that is in place the future for hockey in Manchester will be set.

I wish that I had some good news about myself to promote, but there isn't. I'm not going to rant on, like I've done of late.

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