Monday, April 03, 2006

Grind Stone

Back to work today for the first time in over two weeks, and though it was quite eventful in many ways, it was if I'd never been gone in others. I guess being stuck in traffic with a autistic child in the back of the car, kicking off isn't exactly the kind of thing you'd want on the first day back, but hey I'm used to it. I'm just glad the passenger seat was in front of him and not mine, or I'd have a real sore back right now.

It took me over two hours to take him to respite, where as it's normally little over 50 minutes, so I had to contact the parents of the child I was due to work with and say I wouldn't make today. I'll have to rearange that for either Wednesday or Thursday. You see just another "normal" day at work!!!!!!

It did give me time to get to my mum's and see my neice. It was real fun having her around today as I wasn't in the greatest of moods due to the nature of the day at work, but hey she really cheered me up. Apart from being easy prey to wind up and also to engage with in terms of making things fun, she came out with a good one today for which I couldn't do anything but laugh about. Whilst watching Takeshi's Castle or MXC to our North American friends, she turned around to my mum and told her that the bubbles in the water were due to the contestents farting in there. My mum got very annoyed at her, but all I could do was laugh. She didn't know my mum finds the word "fart" offensive. Come on kids of all ages use that word.

Apart from that things have been quite dull to be honest.

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