Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Ok, so I've not long since finished my last post and I'm writing again, it's not something planned. I could sort of plan this sort of thing, but not this time. I could write something every 30 to 60 minutes if I wanted too for a good period of time, but not this instance.

So what is the inspiration behind this post? Well it's music of course, the only medium that is stimulating my thoughts right now. I say that as I've been having a wash and getting ready since completing the last post, and I'd left the media player, playing. I'm listening to the Simon and Garfunkel cd, from the 2004 Old Friends Tour. Whilst that was playing and thinking about what I'd put in the previous post, it got me thinking that if at any time I could have had my dad back for a couple of hours or so since he died, that the concert in Manchester would have been it. It is he that got me into the aforementioned duo, and it was he loved the sound of Art Garfunkel's voice. Whilst I enjoy his voice, to me it needs Paul Simon's voice to harmonise it to make it perfection.

I can imagine how my dad would have felt going to see them two in concert, and thinking back now, whilst they did Bridge Over Troubled Water that night in Manchester I cried for most of the song. It was a song selection at my dad's funeral, and it means so much more to me since then. If only he could have been there, he'd have been so enthralled, so happy at seeing those two in concert.

I guess the thought of the time with my neice has set me off, it's times like today I may have to lock away in my treasure trove upstairs and keep with me. Times like this don't come, and won't come very often. I have my thoughts of happy times with my dad, and bad times, but hey we all have them, but the bad seem to out weigh the good at times and deminish the amount of times I think about the good times. I do wish he were around today, to see how happy I am, and that what I did was for the best.

Mind you had it not been for my dad, you wouldn't have had yesterday's rant. He too was a proud Salfordian, and Lancastrian. He too, disliked Manchester, and the throught of Greater Manchester, well I don't think he recognised it ever since it's conception. Our love for the city we were both born in is a bond that no one could ever take from us.

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