Sunday, April 23, 2006


Well, just as the weekend comes to an end, things start to turn back to what they were during the previous week.

Ok, so today hasn't been that bad, but it hasn't been good. I did very little, cept a bit of shopping for my mum, then went to her place grabbed a bath/shower and that was it. Then picked her up from bingo and made tea for her. I watched 24 as normal with her, as she still thinks that I'm watching it at the UK pace. Then went to go home!!

I couldn't find my keys, for the second time in a week, I couldn't find my keys. I looked all over my mum's place to see where they could be, and then in the final place I found them.... Locked in the car. I was lucky it's been a warm day today, so I had the window ajar, but I couldn't reach down and open the door. So struggled for 20 minutes getting more and more frustrated that I couldn't get in my car, nor could I get into my flat as my key to the flat is on the car keys. My mum eventualy got the door open using the large scissor type kitchen utensils that you turn food with.

It was whilst on the way back that I realised that the Oilers would probably have won, in an odd way as everything else was turning against me and I had predicted a Wings win in this game. Sure enough the Oilers had won......

I've got an doctors appointment in the morning it will be interesting to see what she says and prescribes me...

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