Tuesday, April 11, 2006


My town, my home, where my heart will always be, the City of Salford. Not as famous as our neighbours Manchester, but equally as beautiful and equally important.

Why a post about the city that I live in? Well looking out of my window to see a dull grey sky, with that fine sort of rain falling that while not as horrible as "normal" rain, it still gets you as wet, if not wetter, the feeling of joy fills my heart. What in the blazes am I talking about? Well you know it's rather odd, but yesterday was a stunning spring day, where car windows were down, people had music blasting out of the cars, and sun glasses were
being worn. This morning it's back to the more traditional view of Salford/Manchester, and that's what makes this place so beautiful.

I pull open the curtains of a morning to see what I can see, and every day it's something new, something different. It doesn't always rain, it doesn't always be sunny, but it's the unpredictability of the place that often
stuns me into abject joy and misery in the same second. I can have idea's of places to take the children at work to, if the weather is good, but then the weather can't be trusted. Whilst I enjoy the way all the greens jump out in the rain, it's not weather to be taking children out in, and certainly not children who are vunerable to colds etc. The sheer joy of the colours is met with misery at having to stay in at work.

While on my campaign to keep Salford, Salford, I should mention the campaigns for two different causes. The first one is the fight for Salford Rugby League club to build a new stadia. They ha
ve played at the Willows now for nearly 70 or 80 years and whilst every fan of the club loves the stadia, it's now on it's last legs and Salford can't really re-develop it any further than they have done. It is time for a new stadia, but for some reason it's being blocked right up to the the deputy prime minsters office. It's awaiting the green light before they build a stadia which will be fit for the city that it will live in.

The second campaign is one of those local things, but something that we shouldn't even be having to do.... Hands Off Our Hospital
This is one of those crazy idea's that men in suits are forcing the city to do. This hospital is no more than a 5 minute walk for myself, it is of great importance to myself, as I was born there, my dad died there, it's within 2 minutes walk from my mum's and my sister's house backs onto the maternity ward, so much so that when she was expecting my neice, the talk of them building a gate in the back wall for the duration to walk to the clinic was very serious. The city of Salford needs this unit to stay open, how dare they even consider this move, the other 2 hospitals in the city were shut down in the 80's and thus this is the ONLY hospital in they city, and yes we are a city. Other places like Bury and Bolton to whom we'd have to go too for maternity services are towns, smaller places to ourselves.

Manchester in the late 60's, early 70's became "Greater Manchester" a county unto it's own, and took Salford out of Lancashire in the eyes of the government, and to an extent the world. It took over our Police force, our Fire service and ambulance service. Speaking to older members of the community and those include ex police officers and firemen, it was recognised that Salford had the better of the neighbouring cities services. Now they ruined all of them, Manchester is again trying to ruin Salford again. I do get
the impression that Manchester is rather jealous of Salford.

Away from my rant and back to the fact that today may be wet, it may not be the beautiful spring day that most of us were anticipating, but to hell with it, it's Salford and every day in Salford is a beautiful one. I'm glad that I'm not from Manchester, as every day in Manchester is wet and gloomy.

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