Friday, September 22, 2006

Good Olde English Grub...

So the week is coming to an end and to be honest I've done very little except to sit on my backside and relax, which is something I don't do enough of. Saying that yesterday I took my mum up to Windermere and then we walked around Kendal, which was very nice. The weather was just perfect if not just a tad windy in places, but we couldn't have asked for anything better.

I certainly enjoyed what I saw and tasted as we stopped off on the way back at a farm shop, which did some crafts, but mainly farm foods. They also had a beautiful Tea Room, oh so very English I know, but too hell with it... As we'd not long since had a drink, we just ate and what a delight it was. My mum had a country vegatable soup, which I'm 100% sure was made of the veg off the farm, it was a proper soup in that sense and mum really enjoyed it. I on the other hand had a ham sandwich with mustard and salad. The ham was from the farm's pigs and was cured at the farm as well. The mustard complimented the ham so well that on finishing the meal and leaving the tea room, I went and purchased a jar of the said mustard in the shop downstairs.....

For me in many ways that was the highlight of the day, the reason being, for all the shop and tea room was well staffed, and it's obvious that this place does a very good trade and would probably put any local shops to shame, it was still very much a farm shop. The fact that they cooked what they produced was how it should be and how it used to be. The taste of the food was superb, and value for money. Kendal was nice the shops were great, in as much as for all the leading brands were around, they still had plenty of local shops within the town centre. For regular readers, you'll know my disdain for town/city centres which have lost the local shops to the major branded stores. Also the plaques on alot of the building told the tale of the buildings and ages, which where mainly built in the mid to late 17th century. I was thrilled to see the town centre almost exactly as it has been for 400 years.

As for previous days this week, I've spent at home or running around with mum. It's not been too bad, and I've only really thought of work on a couple of days. One of them was Wednesday when I had to go into work to drop some things off and to collect some stuff, but hey that's it till October in many ways for me and I'm excited about that. Though this time next week I'll be at the Barnardo's head office for a meeting, I'm still not classing it as work as such.

Lisa emailed me for the first time in 3 weeks on Wednesday, she's been away in America with work. To be honest I've not felt like emailing her, mainly because I knew she wouldn't be around, and I didn't have any need to either. That may sound awful, but what I mean by that, is that I didn't fall into any sort of depression or anything to prompt me to email her to tell her how bad things are. I missed her of course, but not like I did earlier this year when I went that long without emailing her. Is that a sign of me being ok?? I don't know, but this years big depression was from my presumption that Lisa had fallen out with me, and me not speaking to her for ages afterwards. I fretted and worried myself to the point of exhaustion and breaking point. This time, although different in terms of me knowning she wasn't there, I was calm and collective.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Old Age Hurts

Well it's now Sunday, a dank day by the looks of it, but the morning isn't always a good indicator as to what the remainder of the day is about. Yesterday started out like this, but by mid morning it had become a pleasant mid September day. Mum, asked me to take her up to Bury market for some buttons for a couple of jumpers she's knitted. All well and good, but for some reason on Friday my knee's went on me!!! I could hardly move them, let alone walk anywhere. So luckily yesterday we had Mum's disabled car park badges, which gave us access to spaces near the car park. Normally mum moves slower than I, but yesterday for the first time in years, she was speeding away from me. It then didn't help having someone step on the heel of your only good leg, and cause incredible pain in that leg as well.

I was shocked at how bad my knee was yesterday, after the incident with my heel, I noticed that my shoe laces was undone, so I attempted to bend down to tie them, but I couldn't even do that, so I had to find a seat and tie my laces sat on a chair. At 34/35 this isn't a good sign of things to come is it!! In fact it scares the pants off me that my knee's can be so bad at such an age. Even now, as I'm writing this with my leg's crossed I can feel the knee burning up. I'm not sure what's caused this right now, though I guess the gradual change from summer to autumn (fall) and the drop in average temperatures hasn't helped, but the speed at which it's happened has stunned me.

Still on the market yesterday I picked up some really nice cheese, and also for the first time in nearly 28 years some Liquorice Root. The last time I recall having that was on Pendle Hill, when we'd gone out with my aunt from Canada. I can't even recall why I got some that day, but I do remember it and then chewing it and only later being told it was liquorice, which I hate. Still it wasn't too bad then, and last night when I got in and wanted something to eat late on, I got one of the stick's out and chewed, it took away the desire to eat and I actually felt as if I was no longer hungry either. It wasn't as bad as I thoguht it would be and in fact quite pleasant.

Today I'm meeting up with someone that I've not met for a few years, but I'm sure the conversation will get back to the one she always wants to discuss with me, her relationships or should I perhaps say her confusion over her own sexuality. I don't mind, but it's always the same case and whilst I can sit and advise her she never listens and ends up calling me a few months or a couple of years down the line to ask my advice again. It's been like this for the past 14 years or so. At times it's ok, but it's when she text's me constantly that it really get's to me. Still today it gives me an excuse to go to the pub, before the football starts and thus I can listen and watch the football at the same time. That's awful, but it's about as much as she'll listen to me.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Time Off In Lieu

And so begins 2 weeks or so of freedom from work for myself. I'm now at home typing out this blog entry thinking how much I'm not missing work. I'm now on leave taking back all the time that I've worked as over time over the past 12 months or so. I'm a little glad that it's up to around 2 weeks worth of work right now. I'd just about had enough of that place. Not the work, but all the uncertainty and back stabbing that that is causing. I'll be glad when our future is sorted out and probably even more happy when it's time to get back to doing what I'm best with, working with the children.

So what have I got plans to do? Well not a lot today to be honest, the weather has taken a real turn for the worse and from the Indian summer we were having we've got a typical damp, dark, dismal, Salfordian day. What's making it worse is the fact that since the heavy rain stopped earlier this morning it's that constant drizzly rain, the one that gets you very wet without you really taking much notice of it. So me thinks I'll have a quiet day with me, the computer and either dvd's, music or just the net. I'm not going to try and stress myself out much, but trying to do anything. The only maybe about today is that I'm thinking of going to watch the Utd reserves in action against City's reserves. A good old Manchester Derby, all be it at the reserve level. The problem is of course the weather, and it's live on tv. Had it been at the "home" ground I'd be happy to go, but the place that City's reserves play don't have much roof's as it's an athletic's track, so perhaps I'll just sit and watch on the box.

Monday, September 11, 2006


So Saturday night was spent watching The Ozric Tentacles up in Kendal and to be honest I was very impressed. Whilst I've seen many greaters "shows" I don't think I could fault the musicainship much at all on Saturday. Also the venue was just wonderful. If anyone is reading this in England, and if you follow a band that plays small venues and they are playing in Kendal's Brewery Arts Centre, then go watch them there. It's a very intermate venue and one which is in beautiful settings. I for one can't wait to see who else is playing there that might tempt my fancy. Though they came on late, at around 9.30pm it wasn't untill after midnight that they left the stage a final time, which ws very good value for money.

Yesterday was spent chilling out after the night before and one where I did very little. I came home from Lancaster at 11am, but drove the back roads rather than the motorway, which was most enjoyable as we are experiencing something of an Indian Summer here in England right now. So it was a nice pleasant drive where by one didn't have to put my foot down and not take in the whole beauty that is the North West of England. I made a point after my holidays earlier this year that I felt that I'd really like to explore the South and South West more than I did then, but equally the area of the country that I call home has it's own beauty, which I haven't fully explored yet. I do need to spend some time looking around some of the places that I saw signs for yesterday.

Today has been spent in work and at mum's. I'm only in work till Wednesday and then I'm off till October, so it's basically a time of doing what I have to do, to fill in my hours and then leaving. I'm not intending to start anything major between now and Wednesday as I don't wish to leave anything half done before I leave. Still I've got something to look forward to this week, and that always helps make things easier, but it doesn't half mean that work drags on and on, no matter what I'm doing. Once at my mum's I watched the United game from the weekend and then cleaned out one of mum's cupboards. For the past couple of weeks, it's been smelling, but no one can recall spilling anything in there, or even putting anything in there, as it's the cup cupboard. Today we found a cup with some liquid in, what the liquid was I didn't wish to investigate, but I knew in an instant that that was the problem, and so that's been placed in the dishwasher to be cleaned, and will be kept in there once it's been cleaned to go through another wash to make sure any smells and any reminents of what ever it was are gone.

Apart from that nothing, I've done very little else. Saying that, this is the second post in a couple of days which is something considering the lack of posts in here of late. No, I'm not starting to feel depressed again, but I just felt that I wanted to force myself into writing something to see if the creative juices are flowing and also to try and encourage me to post more often again. The more I post the more chances of more people coming back to read, or that is the general idea of things I think? If anyone else has any other idea's about that, then feel free to make a comment.

For the final part of my post, I should point out to the world, that whilst I'm missing going to Old Trafford to watch United, it isn't as much as I thought it would be. The one thing that I'm eager to do however is go watch a game of ice hockey very soon. Why I said ice hockey I don't know it's just plain hockey, but for most of the UK it's ice hockey. Manchester's team is up and running again and is 1-1 so far in the league. That's not bad considering, but of course the big league is just starting it's engines up with rookie camps and training camps starting up over the weekend. My Oilers have a lot to live up too after last years show, but I'm sure we can do it, and even go one better than last year. Saying that the biggest thing is to qualify for the play-off's first, once that's done then it's a matter of how high we can finish and how to win the Stanley.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Slower than planned

I guess that the pace of my entries have slowed down a lot recently, perhaps that is a reflection of my mood right now. I'm probably as calm as I have been since early May. If not even earlier!!! Whilst far from perfect, things are plodding along at a reasonably happy pace for me of late. I've got no problems stemming from work or others and right now the only problem is myself, and even that isn't as bad as it can be.

With the upturn in my mood, the less need for me to write down my thoughts I guess, but that isn't always a good thing is it? I mean if I don't write it means that any little problems that I'm going through don't get examined in the same way as they would do if I were down and feeling bad. So in a way that then isn't good as those little things tend to get put down as a stone in a wall that at some point will either fall or become too big to climb to carry on building and I want to knock it down. So I should be posting more, it's a funny situation I guess.

So the last week has been spent doing little jobs around work, as we've not been involved with the children since playscheme's ended. It's normal for us to be in this sort of situation, as it's the time of year when most of my colleagues take a holiday. I myself am off work from Wednesday through till the end of the month taking all my over time that I've built up. I'm not going away like I did earlier this year, it not that I wouldn't mind, but Lisa is oout of the country and if I went to stop with either Lauren or anyone else I'd probably end up staying in there places most of the time. Plus having spent significant time with them before, the surrounding area's isn't so much of a mystery too me.

Today however I'll be heading up to Lancaster to stop with my friends up there, mainly as I'm going to see a concert tonight. I'm off to see the Ozric Tentacles in Kendall. I've not listened to them for ages, and used to enjoy them many moons ago, but this is the first time I'll have seen them live. I know there music goes against most of my other musical tastes, but I've said it many a time, my musical tastes are wide and varied. The above band are probably way out Left Bottom field in that respect. Still I'm looking forward to a new experience and an enjoyable night out. I can't recall ever going to Kendall before, but of course it's the home of the Mint Cake, for those of you who are aware of the stuff. So I'll be enjoying a new area to explore whilst driving and also be enjoying the stop over with my friends.

Friday, September 01, 2006

It's coming Back

Slowly but surely the return of a regular blog entry in here is starting to happen. It's just going to get time to return to the point of daily or every other day something is written. Apart from me being busy of late, I've not been too down, and thus I've not been as creative as I can be when I'm down.

Going back in time to last weekend!!! Manchester Pride 2006. It was always going to prove to be a long weekend, working on a stall straight after working on playscheme's. Still I volunteered and I'm glad I did to be honest. Though it wasn't the hustling and bustling Pride that I've known before, this one as always had a unique atmosphere. It was much more reserved than previous years and with that brought a certain sense of calmness. People have suggested that the more lively crowd didn't want to entertain the £16.50 weekend passes that you needed to enter the Village for the duration of Pride, some said it was being charged double for drinks or/and being charged to enter bars/clubs when they wouldn't normally. Something needs to be addressed some where. I know most of the extra monies charged went to charity, but some barrier needs to be created to make it affordable.

So Saturday arrived and I had to set the stall up, which proved to be quite difficult on my own. It wasn't just the design aspect of it, it was trying to put the banner up in the stall, when there was only one person available. I'm thankful of the girl from the stall next door, Bi Phoria who helped me out with that. With the stall all but ready, I sat and waited for not only the public to arrive, but also my fellow volunteers. They were asked to be there before 12 noon, to help me with the stall and also as that's when the majority of the people would start to come in. Well guess what? It was more like 12.30 when to first of them came along, and that's how the rest of the day went. People arriving late or not arriving for what ever reason.

It left me with little time to go and explore the goings on in the village to mark the Pride weekend. I could hear the music from the main stage, but didn't get chance to see any of the acts. I didn't get to see the Parade either through the streets of Manchester, but I'm sure to see some pictures soon. What was most satisifying for myself was the response from Bi Phoria to my presense next door. I've for a long time envisioned a problematic feeling towards myself, but that wasn't to be and no one really harboured any bad feelings towards me.

Once the mad rush around the "Expo" had died down we closed the stall down and went for a drink or two. I was driving so I couldn't really drink too much or anything, but hey that's not a problem. I was shattered, I'd been on my feet since before 9am, and it was around 7pm now. So after a nice cool drink, I went home or rather to my mum's. She'd asked me to pick up some pens for her whilst on the stalls, so I took back what pens I'd gathered, and then went and used her bath. Whilst in the bath I heard the sound of something shorting out downstairs. I fairly quickly got out of the bath and once ready explored the situation, to find that mum's tv had blown up!! Add to that the digital box was arcing in the back of box thus creating problems full stop for mum in terms of watching her favourite channels and programme's.

Sunday was upon us and a visit to Ashton's Farmer's Market. This was a bit quieter than the last one we attened, but all the same it provided both mum and I, not only with something different, but with a variety of products to try and to enjoy. Once we'd had some lunch at home I took mum to Bingo and I went to Pride. I went straight to the stall to see what was going on, to find that those there had rearranged the stall, and if I'm honest had done a better job of it. So I helped out on the stall for a couple of more hours, whilst having a good look around the "Expo" collecting more pens, and also collecting more information on a variety of subjects. Then I had to get home, as mum had declared she was going to cook some of the produce purchased earlier in the day for tea. I wasn't going to turn down a meal was I?

Monday was rather mundane in terms of me just doing as little as I could for as long as I could. I had no intentions of helping out on the stall, as they had up to five people on if everyone turned up. I was however going to go to the Candle light Vigil to mark the end of the Pride weekend and to have a drink or two after that. I didn't drive in on Monday and would have really enjoyed myself had I been able to get into the club I wanted to meet up with a friend of mine. Still I'd had half a bottle of wine prior to going out, which meant I couldn't be bothered that it was raining all night. I did meet someone I'd not met for ages and was rather shocked to see how good looking he was. It's a shame that I can't touch him with a barge pole.

On the whole Pride was quieter than usual for myself, but one hell of a good time was had. I think the stall was a success and on a personal score apart from not getting out too much afterwards, everything was great. As soon as I find some pictures of the weekend I'll post them in the other blog.