Thursday, September 14, 2006

Time Off In Lieu

And so begins 2 weeks or so of freedom from work for myself. I'm now at home typing out this blog entry thinking how much I'm not missing work. I'm now on leave taking back all the time that I've worked as over time over the past 12 months or so. I'm a little glad that it's up to around 2 weeks worth of work right now. I'd just about had enough of that place. Not the work, but all the uncertainty and back stabbing that that is causing. I'll be glad when our future is sorted out and probably even more happy when it's time to get back to doing what I'm best with, working with the children.

So what have I got plans to do? Well not a lot today to be honest, the weather has taken a real turn for the worse and from the Indian summer we were having we've got a typical damp, dark, dismal, Salfordian day. What's making it worse is the fact that since the heavy rain stopped earlier this morning it's that constant drizzly rain, the one that gets you very wet without you really taking much notice of it. So me thinks I'll have a quiet day with me, the computer and either dvd's, music or just the net. I'm not going to try and stress myself out much, but trying to do anything. The only maybe about today is that I'm thinking of going to watch the Utd reserves in action against City's reserves. A good old Manchester Derby, all be it at the reserve level. The problem is of course the weather, and it's live on tv. Had it been at the "home" ground I'd be happy to go, but the place that City's reserves play don't have much roof's as it's an athletic's track, so perhaps I'll just sit and watch on the box.

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