Monday, September 11, 2006


So Saturday night was spent watching The Ozric Tentacles up in Kendal and to be honest I was very impressed. Whilst I've seen many greaters "shows" I don't think I could fault the musicainship much at all on Saturday. Also the venue was just wonderful. If anyone is reading this in England, and if you follow a band that plays small venues and they are playing in Kendal's Brewery Arts Centre, then go watch them there. It's a very intermate venue and one which is in beautiful settings. I for one can't wait to see who else is playing there that might tempt my fancy. Though they came on late, at around 9.30pm it wasn't untill after midnight that they left the stage a final time, which ws very good value for money.

Yesterday was spent chilling out after the night before and one where I did very little. I came home from Lancaster at 11am, but drove the back roads rather than the motorway, which was most enjoyable as we are experiencing something of an Indian Summer here in England right now. So it was a nice pleasant drive where by one didn't have to put my foot down and not take in the whole beauty that is the North West of England. I made a point after my holidays earlier this year that I felt that I'd really like to explore the South and South West more than I did then, but equally the area of the country that I call home has it's own beauty, which I haven't fully explored yet. I do need to spend some time looking around some of the places that I saw signs for yesterday.

Today has been spent in work and at mum's. I'm only in work till Wednesday and then I'm off till October, so it's basically a time of doing what I have to do, to fill in my hours and then leaving. I'm not intending to start anything major between now and Wednesday as I don't wish to leave anything half done before I leave. Still I've got something to look forward to this week, and that always helps make things easier, but it doesn't half mean that work drags on and on, no matter what I'm doing. Once at my mum's I watched the United game from the weekend and then cleaned out one of mum's cupboards. For the past couple of weeks, it's been smelling, but no one can recall spilling anything in there, or even putting anything in there, as it's the cup cupboard. Today we found a cup with some liquid in, what the liquid was I didn't wish to investigate, but I knew in an instant that that was the problem, and so that's been placed in the dishwasher to be cleaned, and will be kept in there once it's been cleaned to go through another wash to make sure any smells and any reminents of what ever it was are gone.

Apart from that nothing, I've done very little else. Saying that, this is the second post in a couple of days which is something considering the lack of posts in here of late. No, I'm not starting to feel depressed again, but I just felt that I wanted to force myself into writing something to see if the creative juices are flowing and also to try and encourage me to post more often again. The more I post the more chances of more people coming back to read, or that is the general idea of things I think? If anyone else has any other idea's about that, then feel free to make a comment.

For the final part of my post, I should point out to the world, that whilst I'm missing going to Old Trafford to watch United, it isn't as much as I thought it would be. The one thing that I'm eager to do however is go watch a game of ice hockey very soon. Why I said ice hockey I don't know it's just plain hockey, but for most of the UK it's ice hockey. Manchester's team is up and running again and is 1-1 so far in the league. That's not bad considering, but of course the big league is just starting it's engines up with rookie camps and training camps starting up over the weekend. My Oilers have a lot to live up too after last years show, but I'm sure we can do it, and even go one better than last year. Saying that the biggest thing is to qualify for the play-off's first, once that's done then it's a matter of how high we can finish and how to win the Stanley.

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