Thursday, May 20, 2010

Back once more, back into the world of blogging. Yes, I know that this year has seen me perhaps blog more than the previous two years, but hey it's good to talk or so they say. Another random post so please just read, as I'm not sure where we'll go.

So it's Thursday in the middle 0f May 2010, and whilst it's an ordinary day, it's the one that brings nearer the end of now 3 of my favourite tv shows of the past 10 years. Tomorrow, night season 3 of Ashes to Ashes finishes and concludes the story, the story which started way back 5 years ago now, with Life on Mars and the story of Sam Tyler. It was a wonderful new show, with an almost unique story line, but one which captured the imagination of a nation, and also brought back to life an era long forgot almost. This show brought us wonderful characters, some of whom moved to Ashes to Ashes and who's story concludes tomorrow night. I hope they do the show some justice, and not copy the way the US version of Life On Mars finished, that was awful, we deserve better.

Then on Monday, in the US the final episodes of 24, will air, Jack Bauer says goodbye to the tv screens, after some of best episodes of the 8 seasons... I think the world will miss Jack Bauer, he's some how become a hero to everyone and we know he does bad things, but hey he's Jack, he's "human" and we all make mistakes..

Finally, and I say finally as it's going to be a long goodbye, Smallville is going to finish this time next year. It's been a 10 year journey from an accidental viewing one afternoon, through to some great episodes and stories. Even if the later seasons have been a bit weaker, they've been enjoyable to watch. Like Ashes to Ashes, I hope the show finishes correctly, as they could go for a rather lame ending, but they need to really think about that.

That's the negative news, the positive is that I went for a walk today, and whilst I felt my back and it was a little sore, it's been far worse. I changed my route so I wasn't going up the big hill, so we'll see how it reacts later on and tomorrow morning. I must say I was a little surprised at how easy I felt the walk, even after staying away from walking for the past week. My feet feel a lot better as well, which made things easier. I just wonder if the back probelm is connected to the feet being sore. Thus making me adjust my walking style? I don't know, but having had an x-ray on my back yesterday, as ordered by my doctor, we may find out if there is anything properly wrong with my back once and for all. I'm looking forward to the results as once I know the situation one way or another I'll be able to either prevent my back playing up again or at least do what ever to ease the suffering it can cause me. I'm rather indifferent to the prospects of the results, either way I'll have some peace of mind.

Time for lunch now, so I'm going to leave this entry, I'm going to have a bite to eat before possibly doing some reading or some research, I'm not 100% sure yet of which, but I'll keep myself occupied today, unlike on Tuesday.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What to do?

I'm slightly bored, I've stopped walking for a few days as my back and feet have been crippling me. I've got to arrange for an X-ray on my back tomorrow, to see if that's showing anything. In many ways I do hope they find something as I have had a back problem for many a year, probably since around the age of 14/15. It's not something that has caused too much problems, more a discomfort and always a few days of resting it. However, as I've started walking, with the view of the 10km walk in Manchester in July, and my back starting to play up, I thought it should be checked out. I have this walk to target and I don't want anything to prevent me from taking part. Also with a target of walking a marathon in Manchester next year, I need to have some sort of answers as to enable me to do such a walk.

However, that's for then, I've not got anything to do right now, and that's why I'm bored. I've caught up with all the TV that I normally watch and whilst I've had some paracetamol for my back under doctors orders, I'm not even going to attempt to walk till tomorrow. At least I'll have enough paracetamol within the system to kill any pain if I do aggrivate my back again. So I'm at a loss of what to do, and what makes it frustrating is that I've a meeting at 15.40 today, basically an hour away and so I've had plenty of time to kill before that, and that's caused the boredom.

So what do I need to do? I don't know I could read I suppose, but then the more I read the less I have to read and that creates problems further down the line, not that I'm openly bothered. Oh the joys of trying to counter every option I've got of doing something different, something to take the boredom away. It isn't too bad, not but I guess I just want to do something that will fill the time which is fairly different.

Oh well, I should point out that I had a job interview last Thursday, and though I didn't get the job, I've just had some positive feed back. I only failed to get the job on the grounds that my eperience has always been in the care industry, which is something that I sort of suspected and while I knew that would hinder me, and though I thought it wouldn't bother me not getting this post, it has. I'm left to wonder then where I go from here. If I can't find a job in an alternate industry to the care industry what am I going to do? I really would like to try something different and something that perhaps is slightly outside of my box as they say. Still I really do need to look at this again now.

Anyway, enough for now, the interview this afternoon is now less than 40 minutes away, I need to get ready and walk down to it. I don't want to be late, I don't like being late, so the sooner I'm there the sooner I'm back and then I can concentrate on arranging the X-ray.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Up's and Down's

Here we are again, another post and perhaps something to write, however as ever I'm not 100% sure. I'm bored, I can't think of what to do and so I thought I'd write. If 15 or 20 yeas ago you'd tell me that on a Cup Final Saturday, at 15.10 I'd not even be bothered over the FA Cup, I'd have laughed at you, but that's how it is today. I'm not remotely interested, is that a good thing or a bad thing? I don't really know, but what I do know is that unlike years gone by I'm not bothered about watching it. I'm writing about it here, but that's because of the way I feel about the final.

Not too much has taken place since the last post, I've not read that prior to typing this out as I would only want to answer what ever questions I wrote down in that entry and whilst that's informative to you the reader, if there is any readers, what it does to me, is stiffle where I'm taking this post and we've been through that discussion haven't we before.

What I am finding is that my hands are a little cold and thus I'm not typing with the ease that one would want and that on occasion I'm making silly little mistakes, which many years ago when I learned to type would have cost me many marks in an exam. I'd be using tipex or it's like to blot out any of the mistakes that I'm making and they are quite frequent. I think that's one of the greatest advantage of computer word processing. After thinking back about times gone by recently I figure that the computer has helped us change the way we do things and whilst tipex and it's similar product competitors made millions in the 80's and early 90's trade must be seriously slow these days. How long has it been since we all carried a bottle of that sort of stuff in our pencil cases or on our desks? Now it's all about the delete key and if on proof reading we spot further mistakes we go back to what we've typed correct it and then reprint.

I guess all this nostalga has come about after watching a few programmes on the tv about the 1980's, and yes whilst it may have been a naff decade as such, it was the era I grew up in and so some of the naff stuff was in fact uber cool when you were there in the middle of it all. Computers were new toys, walkmans had just been invented, and to have a walkman with a radio was something else. It's things like that, which remind me that whilst we may all be rather gloomy and unsure of what's around the corner, that we've been here before, we've suffered uncertainty and financial problems, and we pulled through it. Like the many times that I've talked about my moods being the total opposites of themselve and I'm sure I've compared it to a roller coaster, so is the state of the country, we're down at the bottom right now, but we'll get stronger and get back to the top of the hill again.