Saturday, September 09, 2006

Slower than planned

I guess that the pace of my entries have slowed down a lot recently, perhaps that is a reflection of my mood right now. I'm probably as calm as I have been since early May. If not even earlier!!! Whilst far from perfect, things are plodding along at a reasonably happy pace for me of late. I've got no problems stemming from work or others and right now the only problem is myself, and even that isn't as bad as it can be.

With the upturn in my mood, the less need for me to write down my thoughts I guess, but that isn't always a good thing is it? I mean if I don't write it means that any little problems that I'm going through don't get examined in the same way as they would do if I were down and feeling bad. So in a way that then isn't good as those little things tend to get put down as a stone in a wall that at some point will either fall or become too big to climb to carry on building and I want to knock it down. So I should be posting more, it's a funny situation I guess.

So the last week has been spent doing little jobs around work, as we've not been involved with the children since playscheme's ended. It's normal for us to be in this sort of situation, as it's the time of year when most of my colleagues take a holiday. I myself am off work from Wednesday through till the end of the month taking all my over time that I've built up. I'm not going away like I did earlier this year, it not that I wouldn't mind, but Lisa is oout of the country and if I went to stop with either Lauren or anyone else I'd probably end up staying in there places most of the time. Plus having spent significant time with them before, the surrounding area's isn't so much of a mystery too me.

Today however I'll be heading up to Lancaster to stop with my friends up there, mainly as I'm going to see a concert tonight. I'm off to see the Ozric Tentacles in Kendall. I've not listened to them for ages, and used to enjoy them many moons ago, but this is the first time I'll have seen them live. I know there music goes against most of my other musical tastes, but I've said it many a time, my musical tastes are wide and varied. The above band are probably way out Left Bottom field in that respect. Still I'm looking forward to a new experience and an enjoyable night out. I can't recall ever going to Kendall before, but of course it's the home of the Mint Cake, for those of you who are aware of the stuff. So I'll be enjoying a new area to explore whilst driving and also be enjoying the stop over with my friends.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Leia
WorceSabre23 here (well plain old Alan!)

How's my favourite Oilers fan??
I hope youre slowly getting over the cup finals and your looking forward to the Oilers training camp and another season!!!

Well Man Utd are 4/4 and I know youve got to be looking forward to the Celtic game in the midweek!!

Ive organised another Fantasy Hockey League at Yahoo. There's only 7 managers vacancies left so I thought I'd leave you a personal invite!! Afterall we need Oilers fans to balance against the Calgary fans!!

Here's the link if you would like to join:-
League ID#: 29399
Password: patquinn

I hope youve had a great summer and I hope to read your posts very soon

All the best