Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Edmonton Win, Edmonton Win, Edmonton Win.......

2nd Period of Sudden death OT, the Oilers score in what we are being told is the 3rd longest OT game the Oilers have played... Oh thank you Jarret Stoll, this is the big goal, this could be the goal to the second round......... This is what play-off hockey is all about!

My own mood has been an important feature of this blog of late, and I was going state that it's getting better, but as I started out this entry the Oilers score the goal that wins the game. I'm going to go around today with a smile the size of Canada thanks to this goal. Right now though let's go back to yesterday.

Things were ok, but nothing special my group went quite well considering that we had 6 out of 8, and it was the first with my former 1 to 1. He did what he wanted to a point, but he'll learn that he can't do everything that he's done before. I'm sure that he'll fit in once he settles down. Once I got home, I just relaxed, fell asleep for a while, but woke up to watch some of the football on the tv, but I wasn't too bothered about the result, even though it was an English team in Europe.

I picked mum up from bingo, but she wasn't too well, but insisted that she'd be fine once she got home, she wasn't though. She called me shortly afterwards telling me she'd been sick and wasn't in good shape. So I went around, and we called the NHS hotline, they advised a doctors appointment, and so we ended up at the local hospital seeing the after hours gp. I was going to stop at my mum's, but she was adament that she'd be ok. I'm going to go around quite early today to see how she is, and then take her to the doctors this morning. I'm a little concerned, in fact quite a lot concerned, but I'm not going to panic yet, I'm sure it's just another ailment that goes with old age.

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