Sunday, April 09, 2006

Comments Please

Well I've gone and done it as you can see, I've altered my blog page, it was my choice though I will accept that Peter, whom I know from Oilfans did help slightly. I choice another style, which while being clean and fresh in comparison to my previous style in his words it was too clinical. I found this style and wish for further comments please. I could always revert back to the previous style now, as I've found links in here and where I could post them in the original style. I'm open to any further comments please from the regular readers. Loxy, I've found how to link to your blog from here, so I can at least recipricate the link from your page here.

Ok, let's get onto the past few days. It's been heavy going in that on Thursday I started out at 9.30, going into work for some training on Autism. I found that to be really useful, in that although I knew most of what was said, the languaged used was much more clearer. By that I mean the language that was used, helped make sense of some of the stuff that I knew, and it does make it easier to understand. That helped in the afternoon, when I had my first child who was autistic, some of the actions he was taking could be clearly defined and though I must say watching the same 20 second section of Harry Potter at least 30 or 40 times was boring, it was really good to watch this behaviour link in with the training.

After I'd taken my first child home I had a second autistic child of the day, from 6pm while 8pm. Yes, near enough 12 hours worth or work, by the time I'd finished with him, but that wasn't the end of the day. This two hour session provided further evidence that although I knew what I was talking about with autism previously the terminology wasn't clear to others, and with the training it has helped so much. By the time I had taken him home and returned to work, to help take a couple of children home from a group, I was really pleased with myself. I had sorted out in my head the two children that I had, even more clearly than previously.

On finishing on Thursday at 9pm, I'd managed to work around 11 straight hours, which will go down on my sheet. I'm not counting the fact that I was in work for 30 minutes in the morning prior to training as I got very little work done. Still a long day by any stretch of the imagination, more so when I'm only contracted for 21 hours, I'd worked over half my weekly allowance on the one day. Ok, the last child I had was of course only on Thursday as I'd had to cancel him on the Monday, but it still added to the whole day.

I was very tired and hungry when I picked mum up from bingo, but after having an omlette, I came home sorted a few bits out and went to bed, at around 11pm... I set the alarm for 4.50am, as I was going out in the morning to Cardiff.

As seems to be the norm with me right now, if I set my alarm I wake up before it. I was awake at around 4am, but stayed in bed till around 4.30. I got up and made myself some breakfast, whilst looking at the normal websites that I look at. Hey, most of them are now in the links section!!. Anyway after getting washed and ready it was coming up to 5.45am, which meant I had to get going to the train station. I was going to get to Birmingham for 8.20 as that was the time a colleagues flight was getting into the airport there from Belfast, and the person who was going to drive us down to Cardiff was picking her up. I got there dead on time.

The meeting was wonderful, a really good meeting in which we got lots of things decided and lots of movement on issues that have bogged us down of late. Now that they are behind us we can now move on and start to think of next year now. The training that I had organised went down really well, and most of the forum members were left open mouthed at one point or another by some of the information that they had received. That is what training is all about, learning something that you had no idea about. I was so glad it went down well, but the problem is now the next meeting is in Manchester and guess who will be helping to organise it! Yes, ME! How we are going improve on the model that has been posted in the past couple of meetings I don't know.

On to yesterday and whilst I wanted to do lots of things my body wouldn't allow it. I had been out for up to 18 hours on Friday, with very little sleep between Thursday and Friday. Again my sleep pattern wasn't good on Friday/Saturday, so most of the day was spent trying to recharge drained batteries. I have done that to a point, but saying that this morning I slept in till around 7.30am, which is very late by my own standard, so I needed it of course.

Special mention goes to Lisa today, she's running in the Reading Half Marathon. I thought this was last week, but it wasn't it's this week, so hopefully she produces the best run of her life and she really enjoys it. I only wish my knees would allow me to run, as I'd join her in this. Still I'll find something else to do, which will help me improve my fitness and reduce some of my weight.

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