Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Scooby Doo, ate my hamster

Good day campers how are we today? Hope everyone is happy and chilled? I know of at least one person that isn't, but that is to be expected isn't it? After all, I'm the one taking the happy pills to help me out, I'm the one who accepts that I'm depressed!! Still it's feeling good having taken my morning tablet. Those green snails flying around the mobiles in my room are nice, I'll try and capture them on a picture.

So Tuesday arrives, and nothing is really going to happen today. I've got my group later on, which should be interesting as I've got my 1 to 1 joining the group. That's going to create such a different dynamic, and of course there is the factor of a colleague bringing another child along to the project on a 1 to 1, but this will effect my group no end I'm sure. I'm looking forward to the group though, as it's going to be facinating to see how the addition of an extra person alters the group.

Apart from that I've got a bit or work to do on myself as well. I need to sort out what I do and do not want. I need to go right down to the basics and try and build up me from there. I know I can do this, and that it's always something to be happy with once I've done it. I need to be very selfish and show no compassion towards anything. I'll discard what I can, and only keep those that are useful and used, otherwise things are out of the window for good. This involves material goods as well as mental issues, friends etc.

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