Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grim times ahead

Well I doubted that I'd have the internet back at home today and my doubts were proven right. However, that isn't a big issue, it's money again or lack of it. No matter how hard one tries to save, it never happens. Even with me recording and budgeting it's getting beyond a joke now. I'm looking at having next to nothing left by this time next week with still a week left before my next payment. I can't carry on like this, I'm too stressed by it. I've no standard of living at all, it's not even an existance. My diet consists of purchasing the cheapest soups, pasta and baked beans with cheap potatoes, burgers and oven chips. 7 out of every 14 days is soup and pasta, and the others are baked spuds and beans with chips and burger the other. I know I should be grateful for that compared to some places in the world, but after 6 months of the same thing I'm tired, and I know my health isn't good. The only advantage of it, I guess is the continual weight loss. However, with the money situation as it is, I'm having to consider if I can even afford to go the next Trec meeting as well as the following swimming session and they are after all my only social activities every month. I know that I've a couple of concerts I'm due to go to, but at this rate I may have to sell my Manchester ticket to survive and ask my friend if someone else can go with her, to the other concert as I'm not even sure I'll be able to afford the train fare to the concert now. This isn't good at all, and whilst trying to patch things together this morning in terms of how much money I had or would have after paying off bills, buying food and doing my laundry, I realised that I had to get some anti-depressants, other wise I'd end up doing some serious damage to myself in the next two weeks. I only hope I can survive.

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