Thursday, March 10, 2011

Old Favourites return

This isn't going to be some great post, I didn't have any intention to write, but here we go. I'm feeling OK, looking for work and trying to keep cheerful, however I'm finding things a little bit tough if I'm honest. I guess it's something to do with being alone again.

Yes, it's that thing again, but I guess it's hit this time due to circumstances beyond my control to be fair. I could not imagine things taking place that have done, though I should have expected them to happen as we all know that I'm not exactly the luckiest person around, but for a change I wasn't expecting things to go as badly as they did. To say badly isn't the right thing to be fair, it was more unfortunate, though of course with my way of thinking on these things then it was always going to be a disaster.

Anyway not to worry, perhaps this weekend will make things better, who knows. I'm off out into Manchester during the day for a group that I attend, and that should at least take away some of the loneliness. Yes, it's only monthly but it does help. I also know that perhaps watching too many tv shows or films which are centred on or have a central relationship strand too them hassn't helped, but hey I'll sort myself out and ground myself again.

Anyway, got to run time is running out here. I'm at the library, as I've had my internet service suspended at home and I can't stay in the library all day. So I'll be gone soon and back to the confines of my flat. I'll have to post some more now I know I can do via the library.

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