Friday, March 18, 2011

So having changed the style of this blog, I can now start to post. So where am I today? Apart from being in the library (of course! No chance of being at home, well not for at least another 2 weeks I'd say), I'm a bit less emotional today, a bit brighter for a change, but suffering from a headache. I've no reason for that, and the woman next to me isn't helping with constant sniffles, sighs and stuff, all at a noise level that's louder than anything I've heard in a few years. Still it looks like she's gone now, and perhaps I can have a little peace and quiet.

Maybe I'm being rather nasty by saying that above, but it was just situational, I've started a new project at home, to fill in some time that I've got, this is project Queen, much similar to the earlier project James, that was completed just before Xmas of last year. I've got quite a bit more work on this project, though it isn't all bad. I've got roughly a 16th of it done today, just another 15 or so more to go. It's about time I started this project, but to find the motivation after finishing the James project was near enough non-existent.

I guess that's a good sign, that I'm becoming motivated to do things, I've sent emails to people that I'd been putting off or forgetting about today, I've been sorting other things out as well. This is a good thing, it's keeping me active and away from my issues. (oh no the woman is back, but she's no idea on how to use a photocopier now, which is oh so easy.). However by not looking at the problems that will only keep them at bay for so long, I've got to address them at some point or other. If I don't then I'll just find myself here again at some point.

I'm sorry that I can't continue, the yaking and distractions are stopping my train of thought, I'm going to have to leave this for now.

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