Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's never easy to write a post for this, not when I'm surrounded by people, but hey who really cares, no one is really watching me, it's only my own opinion that someon will be reading this and if I'm bothered about someone reading this over my shoulder, why should I post what I write??

So what of today? Well it's nearly 2pm, I've probably done enough today as it is without doing much more. However, I've not got a lot else on the agenda other than be here and then go home and do nothing. I guess when I do get home I'll write one or two job applications out to be sent tomorrow, but that's about it. By the time they are complete it will be time to eat and then I've got to decide if what I want to watch from my video collection. Last night I couldn't find much I wanted to watch, I'm almost scared of starting watching a series from scratch for some reason. I guess I don't want to become attached to it and don't want to put any emotion behind it, being as fragile as I am.

I am fragile, very much so. Today has been tough, I just want to break down and cry at every opportunity, I'm not allowing myself to do that, I'm tougher than that, but it's interesting to be like this. I wouldn't really mind, but I have very little idea as to why I'm like this today. I should be happy, I've been paid today and thus I'm solvent for the next week or so. I do need to get a job soon, to help cheer me up some what. I should thank my best friend Lisa, for the phone call last night it helped so much just to chat to some one rather than typing out the message. Anyway, that's me for today I'm going to keep it shorter than of late, as my creative writing jucies are nt sparkling at this moment in time.

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