Friday, March 25, 2011


So I sit here writing another post, and my emotions are running around like Usain Bolt on speed. It only takes about 10 or 15 minutes to walk from my flat to here, and during that time I went from down, to happy to angry and then frustrated. All of them very real, all of them felt by myself.

I left the flat, knowing the post hadn't been, and as I left the building itself the postman was on the other side of the road. I am resigned to not even getting an interview for the posts that I had applied for the other week, the ones I really had wanted, but as with other things when the cold hard reality of it all hits, it hurts. The hopes and aspirations of even getting an interview blown away in an instant. So with a heavy heart I walked up the road, despondant and formulating this entry in my head. I continued my ever slowing walk till I left my road, crossed over and turned towards Eccles.

That was when a broad smile errupted upon my face. What could change my mood from such negativity? Well it was simple, something so simple and yet so effective. Someone was either moving out of there house or moving in, they had a big removal truck stuck outside of the house. Either way it was the truck that made me smile, the name of the company "Mr Shifter Removals", a very simple name harking back to the the wonderful PG Tips adverts of yesteryear. Yes, they weren't very PC in the way they used the chimp's, but they were funny in the day and the Mr Shifter one always makes me laugh even today. So my mood was enlightened some what as I journeyed to the library.

At the end of that road though were some road works, they are doing major rebuilding to a railway bridge and additional support to the road bridge at the same time. All in all, 20 weeks of work, which isn't too bad I guess, though it is a major road in and out of Eccles. Still they've been some what busy this past week. However the thing that annoyed me was that after putting up wooden boards against the railings over the motorway, they felt the need to employ 2 people to paint them! Why? I mean we can all see them, we all know why they are there, it's not as if during the next 20 weeks, the people walking across the bridge will notice them. In a time where money is tight, it smacks of a waste of money and time in many ways.

Once the anger had wore away, I got to thinking about how in such a short space of time, I'd had such mixed emotions and the frustration that I seemingly am not getting any further along in my hunt for a new job, that any hope in that area seems to be slipping away, and after an encounter I had last night reintroduced me to my past, I felt so frustrated by everything once more. Life can suck at times.

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