Monday, March 14, 2011

Dark Times

It's not the greatest day, I'm struggling to maintain even a modicum of a cheerful personna to the world. It's increasingly difficult, I'm alone, I feel rejected by the world and nothing seems to be getting any closer to completion. I hate the way my life has gone so far. I want a new one, I want a new life, I'm looking at divorcing the current one to find a new one, but how one does that I don't know.

I even ventured to the motorway bridge again last night, I made sure it wasn't the same one as the last time when I was nearly sectioned, and I was also very aware that at 11pm, it would be highly unlikely that I would cause as much panic. However it did help a bit, and I felt a bit better for it, once at home. That though isn't the answer to my problems, and what would it achieve? I only know when things are going to go right for me, when I can say something positive in here.

Oh well only a short post, it's not easy typing these sort of things in the library.

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