Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Top of the land

This again is going to be a speedy post, I'm not sure why today I'm feeling a bit happier than of late? Perhaps I'm just feeling a bit positive about myself, what ever it is, I'm happy, I'm good and whilst in this mood I'm going to enjoy myself. It isn't often that I get this feeling and my self confidence is bouyed as well. So hey I could shout I'm on top of the world, but no that isn't true, what is true, I'm on top of my own private land and after everything that I've been through of late I'm pleased to announce that today. I'd rather be on top of the world, but that's going to take a lot longer, everything that I've stated in this blog before hand will have to happen to make me make that bold statement, but this is a small step in the right direction. I'm not even sure as to how I've got to here, I think it was more by accident to be honest, and that being deciding it was time to change how I'd had my hair for a week or two. It wasn't even a cut or a colouring, just a different style (well almost, just reversed the one I had and for some reason it worked magic on me.), not that it will last, but hey ho one can try and hope can't we?? The need for speed has gone, I only had about 5 minutes left of time here at the library and while I thought that would be enough I have got another 45 minutes as I've got nothing more to do today, nor can I do much more with approimately £3.45 to my name till tomorrow. So I'll stop in here and type this out, and then go do some other bits and bobs in and around the net. I'm hoping that this time tomorrow my internet service might be back online at home, though I'm not holding much hope out, and won't be too down or shocked if it isn't after I've made a payment. However if it is, I'll possibly end up tweaking a few things in terms of how it looks etc. I can type a post here in the library, but I can't see the post once it's published so apart from the very small screen on my phone (as I'd lost my phone last December, which would have been easier to use in terms of the net than the one I've got right now, not that I'm not grateful for having a phone full stop.).

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