Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Audio recordings

And so the nightmare that would have been has been done and dusted, it's over with and it wasn't too bad at all. I've been into the radio studio this morning and done some recording. I've not heard it back yet, but when I get home in a bit and get a chance I'm going to listen to some of it, and edit it up so it sounds fine before adding it to the powerpoint presentation that I've built up over the past 12 months. It's only a crazy idea that I came up with over the weekend, but if it works then I'll be very happy and get more brownie points off those to whom I'm giving a presentation too next Monday.

So what else? Well I've also bought myself a book to read, which sounds nothing like major news, it isn't, but as the book in the library still hasn't arrived and it's having to be re-ordered due to the error they have made with the previous order I've got nothing to read right now, or should I say I've nothing to pick up and read, I've got a book at home on hockey, but with the book I've got to read, the one from the library and one to be released in the next few weeks, I've got plenty of reading to get through before I get onto the hockey book.

Still no news on the job front, which is disheartening, but hey as I said yesterday, I don't expect to hear anything, but it does effect me. So I'll keep my fingers crossed on one hand as two sets of fingers crossed is bad luck. This blog post is becoming a bit of a pain, not in writing as I'm finding things to write quite easily even if it's a bit more positive than of late. What I'm grinding my teeth about is my lack of spelling today, which is meaning near enough every other word or so is being spelt wrong, and that's annoying. It's more a matter of finger and thumbs mind you as I'm flinging my fingers in the right direction, but hitting all the wrong keys if you know what I mean, if I slowed down I'd be fine, but I'm just wanting to keep at a fast pace today for some reason.

Still the faster I type the more that goes down, and so back to myself. I don't feel as gloomy as I could be though things aren't great and during the recording session in the studio I delved in some of my darker issues. I guess it was just good to explore them that way rather than typing today. That's also a reason as to why this could be brighter than most of my entries, however, like the weather I'm a bit sunnier today, may not be hot to trot, but it's brighter than the storm clouds of last week.

Wow mix and match metaphors my dear, I really shouldn't do that, but for a change I don't care, I don't care how this entry sounds or looks like (well I do actually, as I'll colour the text and change the fonts around when I've finished), so let's just see where this all finishes.

Just going back to the recordings I've made, when I'm back online at home, I'll explore if I can post some of what I've recorded onto this site and see how it goes. That would be nice. I think also that if I were to go back into the studio I'd like to take my powerpoint presentation and record the script for that, so that I have some sort of marker for myself as such. I know what I say in that, and the approximate time I take, however it's never the same and I could do with a marker script as such to run along with in the future, however that's in the future, let's get the latest presentation of the powerpoint done and dusted first. That's this coming Monday and so I'm hoping things go OK with that.

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