Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Arrgghh, just when you think it's safe to enter the world once more it comes up, it's bites your leg, it's arm and god knows what ever else. I thought I was improving, I thought things were settling down, but how wrong was I?

Don't panic, things aren't as bad as they seem, however, coming down to the library, I had time to contemplate things and things weren't that great, and so with some melancholy, I entered the library and things just continue to hit me. I reserved a book yesterday, I checked to see if it had arrived the system is saying it's awaiting collection, but it can't be found in the library, it's a mystery. OK, it's not earth shattering, but it's an omen, things are going to continue to go wrong for me.

I am a very unlucky person, I have always been so, but at times I curse the bad luck I have it's unreal the amount of times that I've ended up feeling let down. I built my hopes up for a couple of jobs I applied for, I really wanted either of them, it would have been a complete departure from what I have done previously, but I was prepared for that, and fancied them. I have till Friday to hear if I've even got an interview, but as each day passes I fear the worse and whilst I know that I've probably been over looked, due to many factors, and being sensible about it, I shouldn't have built my hopes up, but I can't help the feeling of desperation and disapointment that I will do when I don't hear anything back by Friday.

Perhaps I've smashed too many mirrors over the years, but I can't recall smashing one, let alone enough to have lasted me this far into my life. This isn't good, the further I am writing today, the more depressive I'm becoming and I don't want that, I want to remain fairly positive. Oh well so let's cut this one short hey??

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