Friday, April 01, 2011

Going Up

Goodness me, what a 24 hours or so I've had, apart from all my miserable thoughts that I've had, the downer that I'm on, in the last 5 or 6 hours things seemed to have bucked the trend. OK, so I don't get any happy pills till Monday, so I'm not suggesting that I've suddenly become happy. No, fortune has granted me two little things to grasp hold of. First a kind act by the guy who came to check the electrics out in my flat, on behalf of the landlord. I won't say it so he won't get in trouble, but thanks for what you did it's helped me out no end. Secondly in the ensuing period an email from the BBC, asking me to fill in an assessment form. OK, they had 48,000 applications for posts at the new building in Salford and I wonder just how many emails like that they sent out? However, as it's the first positive response to any application in about 6 months, it has brightened up the day some what. However trying to complete the assessment has taken me far longer than I could have imagined and certainly over 90 minutes as that's two sessions on the library computers, it's a good job there are only 4 of us trying to share 28 pc's right now. So I'll leave it now, I don't want to dilute my thoughts with too much negativity, which I can do and often do when writing in here, so it's a bit of a positive end to the week.

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