Monday, April 18, 2011

What a wonderful idea walking is.

Wow, what a difference a weekend can make! I was dreading the weekend, and it didn't dissapoint in a way, I know the football didn't go exactly to plan, quite the opposite to be honest, but I didn't let that bother me, it can always do that even against some of our bitterest rivals. However, it was yesterday (Sunday) that has turned things around. I didn't want Sunday to come to be honest, I didn't want to do anything I was all for stopping in bed and doing diddly squat, but I realised that I needed some shopping, I needed milk, the one I'd bought previously was off, so I had to get some more and I also needed to pick up some chips, so I got up reluctantly at 10am, that was quite something for me to be able to stay in bed till then. However on getting up, I decided that I would go for a walk, I hadn't "gone for a walk" as such for some time. I walk every day near enough 1 to 2 miles, but I gently stroll that, when I say walk I mean a proper exercise 4 mile + walk. So I got home, went out for the walk in glourious weather and really enjoyed it. It blew me away, I felt so good for doing it, that I found energy to enjoy the day, I started thinking ideas rather than negative thoughts, things almost clicked with me. I woke up this morning knowing that I'd try and go for another walk today, and so I did, and I realise now that the endomorphines that were produced yesterday and today have really made a mark on me. I feel happy and up for the first time in a long time, and whilst I can't lay it firmly at the table I wish I'd not stopped "walking" a while back now. I think it would have helped me through the past few months. So I'm going to try and maintain this walking trick this time and enjoy it come rain or shine. This isn't the sole answer to everything, I know that the tablets are working now, and that the real test will come in a few months time when I come off the tablets, but if I can keep walking, keep feeling happy and good as I am today over a prolonged period then I'll be able to come off the tablets and still feel the way I am now. It's as if I hit rock bottom yesterday morning and through a break of routine, through doing something different I've come up with a solution. It's a solution that I should have thought of previously, I've posted in here how I've enjoyed the swimming sessions I've been too, all be it for what ever reason and it hadn't clicked that it was the exercise that had done it. Now it's clicked and whilst it's too early yet to say it's done the trick this time, I am feeling positive and will if it is the solution slap myself for not figuring it out earlier. So this is certainly more positive, and on top of all that I've come up with a solution to the situation over why I can't watch some of the dvd's that I've burned. I realise now that my cd rom/dvd player in my pc is faulty or coming to the end of it's life. I'm looking to see how much it will take to replace it and it isn't that much to be honest. I'd have to save hard to get it replaced with what I want, but that can wait the library has pc's with a disc drive that reads everything and I can shift them onto my flash drive and then watch them through that rather than the disc at home. I even found that I could watch an old video that I thought I'd lost forever, all 10 minutes of it. No matter how grusome it is a video of surgery always makes me think.

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