Thursday, April 21, 2011

Aches and Pains

Here we are again, after a wonderful day yesterday, instead of walking I ended up going for a swim with a friend to the local pool. After 30 lengths, and feeling as good as I would have done had I gone walking I went home and relaxed for a while. I was going out last night to a concert and so I wasn't going to be doing much else, and guess what? I didn't do much else.

Late in the afternoon, we set off to the concert, met up with the same friend as before and headed off into Manchester on a shockingly crowded tram I must say, but once off the tram and a short walk down to the pub we met up with others and chatted away, whilst drinking and generally chilling out in a nice beer garden, the only issue was the noise of the traffic, but that was a minor consequence. The concert was wonderful, it truely was, I went to see Tim Booth, on his own this time rather than being the singer of James. I'm so glad that I went, a week earlier and it was highly likely that I wouldn't have gone I was in that sort of mood, but this week everything has begun to click back into place and I'm functioning again, all be it at now I would say 80%, as opposed to say 10% this time last week.

In December of last year I saw James play the MEN Arena and whilst the whole day was a mish mash of events with heavy snow over night, a meeting in Manchester to attend, great friends, losing my phone I hadn't really enjoyed the concert all that much. One of my friends didn't, we both felt it just wasn't quite right. I know many others who loved the show so, perhaps it was us. However last night was the opposite it was a wonderful show in a really nice small venue, which added it's character to the night I guess. So by the time I got home it was nearly 1am, and by the time I was getting to bed it was 1am.

This morning I've woken up with a small bout of sniffles, when haven't I recently if I've been swimming the day before? A bit of a sore throat, and very tired legs and feet. I guess the swim and then standing at the gig wasn't the greatest combination. However, it was well worth the aches and pains of this morning to have gone last night.

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