Wednesday, April 06, 2011

great friends

It's been a short while since I wrote in here, mainly due to me not coming here for a couple of days this week, or not having the time to write anything. I need to write, I need to tell the world that for someone who struggles for friends, I have some of the best in the world, if not the best in the world. The only problem I have with these friends are that none of them live close at hand, and seeing them is about as regular as Liverpool winning the league title...... It's not having people close at hand I guess that drives me crazy, but slowly I'm trying my hardest to develop friendships with people closer than 10 miles away from my flat. It's just taking time I guess. However, I've returned to the anti-depressants and lets see how they take hold, I have fought not to return to them, as I don't like having to fall back to them, it's a matter of fighting my issues all on my own and for the majority of the time I seem to figure out the issues myself, but it's when they all come together or I'm not ready to really fight them that I fall apart as I have done recently. Those of you reading, may find that the posts start to become a bit brighter over the next few weeks, who knows? However, watch this space. Arrgh, I've just spotted a little irritant of using the library computers that I hadn't really noticed before. I've been using them for a while now and more importantly to update this place regularily, as I'm still off line at home. However, just writing here and I must have pressed the caps lock as everything went caps. Now it isn't an issue I could edit it easily enough, but as my keyboard at home posts a message on my screen if I go into caps lock, I hadn't noticed. It's a very minor irritant, in fact it isn't much of one, but heck it's just the little things every now and again that tweak my senses. So with that I'll depart, I have to say THANK YOU again to my friends, some of you may know who that means, some of you may not, my list of friends is possibly between me and the deep blue sea. Though why we say deep blue sea I don't know as blue of course isn't the colour of water, it's the reflection of the sky that makes it seem blue. Oh now I'm wittering on about something I only know a little of, so I best go.

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