Tuesday, July 04, 2006


There are times when two little words can mean so much. "Thank You" can mean so much to someone, and when they aren't given it can hurt equally as much. Yesterday was one of those times for me.

As written here previously I tried to take my neice strawberry picking the other week, whilst she was on half term, only to find the strawberries weren't ready yet. Since then she hasn't mentioned it to me, but I've not forgot about the failed journey. So, come Sunday lunch time, and she had a couple of friends with her at my mum's place and it was obvious something was up, I mentioned that if she came around to mum's after school early enough on Monday, I'd take her strawberry picking.

So as I arrived at mum's after work yesterday she was waiting for me, and soon got ready and was eager to go pick some strawberries. It was yet again a stunningly hot day, so it was tiring to drive up there for both her and I. Still once we got there and she started to pick the strawberries she soon forgot about the heat and we filled our punnet. On getting back to mum's I read some more Harry Potter too her, and then continued to keep her amused by playing various games with her. Without wanting to take away my mum's role in this, I took over the baby sitting duties in all essense. So when my sister and bro-in-law arrive to take my neice home, a small thank you would be nice for everything, but no the thanks goes to my mum. Not that I expected anything less, but a small thank you would have been very nice, instead it stuck in my throat.

Apart from that yesterday went ok, though of course work could have been better, I'm not going to bother explaining it any more. It lurches from one problem to another.

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