Saturday, July 15, 2006


Hey folks, just a small little plug for myself. I don't like putting too many pictures on this site, as it's not really what I wanted out of this when I started it. I've put some pictures on, when I've felt they've needed too, but not too many.

Since buying my digital camera though, I've started to take photo's for fun again. So as my aunt wanted to look at them, and me not being really happy at offering this site too her, as if she reads the whole thing, which is something she would do, she'd be offended. So I've created a new blog site for my pictures and any that I find online. Please if you get chance to take a look in the future do so. Right now it's only pictures that have been on here or that I've taken fairly recently.

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Loxy said...

Pictures look great!

Wait, am I commenting in the right place?? :)