Saturday, July 15, 2006

It Helps

Yesterday my mum and I went to Chesterfield. Now it was the first time either of us had actually been there shopping, but both had been there or through there before now on other journey's.

So we set off earlyish, as we didn't want to hit the rush hour, but also so we had a long enough time in Chesterfield itself. Things went to plan, cept for one small wrong turn, but that was sufficiently dealt with and down the back roads we went. It wasn't an unpleasant journey, quite the opposite to be honest. I described my holiday at Lisa's as being really enjoyable for the driving that I did and this journey was equal to anything I did during that holiday, cept for no real narrow back roads as such. Then about 2 miles outside of Chesterfield, mum was sick. In the car, on herself etc, she had warned me, and we had pulled over, but that didn't prevent anything.

So after cleaning up as best we could, and on mum's directive we continued into Chesterfield, parked the car and went for a look around. First objective was to buy a new top for mum, which we did in the end, but even then more problems were to arise. Mum wasn't 100% and prior to even looking around the shops had been unwell again, though not sick. We managed to purchase a couple of tops for her, and then she went and changed into one of them. We had a cup of tea and things seemed fine, but then again mum was sick. After cleaning up again we went for a look around the market and some of the back street shops before deciding it was time to leave.

To say that I was a little nervous about the journey back was an understatement, but what ever the problem was, mum was fine. She'd been sick, though she wasn't 100% she wasn't sick or anything. We tried one pub for lunch, but it wasn't open so we went to another one, one which I'd been in before a few years back with Barnardo's on a playscheme. We had a really pleasant lunch in really nice surroundings and then came home.

Now this may not sound like a good day for me, but it was!! It was the driving I guess, it was something which helps me relax, something I enjoy doing. More so going down the A and B roads of this country rather than the motorways (highways). Beautiful countryside, quintisential British villages and extremely nice weather. What more could I ask for?? It helped me a quite a bit and to cap it all off, I forgot to take my AD's in the morning and I didn't get het up at any point, nice and chilled all day.

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