Monday, July 03, 2006

New Week

Well, it's Monday morning and the start of a new week, well almost. Most people seem to accept that Monday is the start of the week as opposed to Sunday's. Time is a strange concept, as traitionally Sunday is the start of the week, and January the start of the year.

For some though it's different, and it's an odd thing. As previously stated Monday seems to be accepted as the start of the week now, as a lot of people go back to work after the weekend off. Thus it's the start of the working week. This has led the world, and not just around my local area, to place Monday at the start of the week. Now for the year thing!! Having worked in school, since leaving education till last year, for me at times I work on September being a new year. It seems strange, but you do get used to working on different calendars. It's really odd. Like I said the concept of time is strange.

Anyway, where is this post going? I don't really know, it's just something I started and found myself free writing and thus the above theorisation. It's a new new anyway and time to ask some questions at work, which may or may not cause problems. It's not that I want to be destruptive, it's just that some of the questions are in need of being asked and issues brought up. With all the confusion and all the problems that are circulating at work, it's only fair that we bring things up that may or may not have been forgot. I'm sure that post September things will be fine, but till then it's going to be crazy. I just hope that things don't get too crazy and we end up with a major problem on our hands, for that is what I can see happening. Though corners are not being cut, the changes are causing confussion and that's leaving gaps that we can't see.

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