Sunday, July 09, 2006


Right now, things are a little duller. The summer sports season has all but finished, the Wimbledon finals and World Cup finals all finish today. That leaves just the cricket and rugby league season for the next month or so. Ok, so everyone isn't so sporty, but for me sport is a part of my life and the next month or so is going to be quiet.

In other area's of my life things are brewing up, into mini storms. For various reasons work is becoming very bi-polar. In that the direct work at the office I'm at is very difficult and very problematic. The other though is my work for the national forum for which I'm becoming more and more enthusiastic about. I've got to email a few people with regards a couple of items for that and then undertake some research and work on issue's pertaining to the forum.

I'll admit that yesterday I nearly quit work... I was so annoyed at the outcome of the "Information Day" that I could have walked out there and then. I'm still very angry at what I learnt and also what happened. I'm going to have say something at the team meeting this week or else I'll just explode at work sooner or later and that won't be a pretty site I'm telling you. It's not just management either it's other things. I feel that we've been kept in the dark and we should be, and when ever we ask questions smoke screens or side steps are taken. I'm very worried about all the deciet that's taking place. It's very uncomfortable.

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