Saturday, July 01, 2006

Looking Forward

Now the dark week is gone, it's now a bright future or so I hope. The past week is done, it may effect the future of my life, but I'm looking forward towards a bright light. That light is the future and nothing will stop the march towards it.

That's very positive from me, but it isn't in many respects, my life is the eternal march towards a bright future and has been demonstrated often enough here that just as I think things are turning around something comes crashing around me. If I'm sounding as if I've said this before, it's because I have.

Anyway that's that over with, today is a bright sunny day where I've got things to look forward too. Some good television, a possible party and a few drinks. I do hope that it all turns out for the best. Yes, I know it will mean going to my mum's to watch the television, but that's about the norm as most of you will know by now. The party is at a work colleagues, which isn't too far away from here, well it is and it isn't. I may just walk over to it, but then again I may not. Depending on what I do, is to what extent I drink. I do fancy having too much to drink and getting very drunk, it's something I've not done in ages, and like I said recently I need to treat myself every now and again.

Yesterday saw me at a meeting for work, a regional forum meeting, but only 2 of us turned up. Not a great number, enough to make a quoram I guess, but not a lot to make any lasting decisions to which the region would be influenced. Mind you we did decide on a lot of things and also were able to discuss what we needed to do to move the forum along in the future. I guess a meeting with the regional director may have to take place soon though to see how we can progress from here. That doesn't bother me, as it brings to her attention myself and furthers me within the organisation, to which I don't feel that I'm holding the ladder for everyone to climb above me. That is how I felt at the school I worked at, which I hated so much, as it wasn't for the dedication or loyalty that I shown it. Still that's the past and though it defines the present, the present holds the key to the future and if I dwell on the past it will only continue to bind me with it's chains.

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