Thursday, July 06, 2006

Good Excuse

One of the good things about the job that I do, is that part of you can be Peter Pan forever and a day. You work with children, you have to keep intouch with children and if that means knowing what's in and what's not then so be it. You can use the same excuse for watching some of the cool new generation of films aimed at children. Without my job, I doubt I'd have gone to see Shrek, Toy Story or any other modern children's film.

So yesterday I took a child to see "Over the Hedge", the new film from Dreamworks, the creaters of Shrek and to be honest I really enjoyed it. The film may not have the adult jokes in it like Shrek did, but it was well crafted and very enjoyable. It also had plenty of trialers for forthcoming films that I can find excuses to go and see with either work or my neice. So I should be happy with the job I do.

Apart from that yesterday was another ordinary day. I'm not doing too much of late, it may be me resting up before playscheme's start, or it's simply me not having a lot to do if you know what I mean, but it's certainly keeping me relaxed and for the first time in ages, and I mean ages the past couple of days have seen me get up around 8am, which is like middle of the day for me. I have to say I'm waking up through the night due to the heat and general mugginess of the conditions, but to me to get a lie in as such is wonderful.

Tomorrow I've got a meeting to attend, so the lie in goes out of the window and I'll be at the meeting from around 9am. I'm looking forward to this meeting, as it's in Manchester and it's going to be nice to be on home turf as such for a meeting rather than having to get up early for a train to where ever. It's exciting in many ways.

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