Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy at Work

This may sound really odd from me, considering how much I've gone down the road with how I feel for work recently. I had a really nice day in work yesterday. Yes, I enjoyed myself. Not because I had to work, but because I went in late to work whilst no one was there.

As it's time for planning for playscheme's we all need to use the solitary photocopier, and the 2 phones in our office. That causes problems when you've got lots of phone calls and coping to do. So last year I stayed out of the office and would go in later on, when no one was around. It gave me the access to the copier and phones with no one around. So I did the same yesterday and probably got more done than I would during "normal" working hours.

Of course I made sure that I was comfortable, with plenty of drinks, the cd player going and the odd snack. It was so enjoyable, and was powerful enough to make me a bit more positive about playscheme's. Now that I've got that done, I've got to make phone calls to all the parents to either arrange home visits or to discuss the risk assessments and update them. I'm sure the problems that have been mentioned will cause problems for us, but right now I feel that I can get through them.

So what else yesterday? Well not too much, for the best part of the day I stayed in. I did go and buy a fan for the flat in the morning, which I'm glad I did. The heat may not be as intense as it was on Sunday or Monday, but the air is so still. The storm on Sunday cleaned the air up, but it hasn't brought in any breezes to move it along. The fan is just circulating the cool air around and making the room rather pleasant.

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