Saturday, May 13, 2006

What's this? Rain in Manchester

As I awoke this morning at around 5am, I heard the pitter patter of rain on my window. I hadn't heard that for ages, maybe as the weather has been so good of late that the window has been open for near enough 5 days now, that I heard it this morning as opposed to other rainy days in the past.

Still it's going to sound really weird to say I'm glad it's raining and that we've had some thunder and lightening. The past week or so has been really hot, a mini heat wave was predicted and that is what we've had. While heat waves are enjoyable, the other side is that the air becomes so stiffling that a thunder and lightening storm refreshes the batteries, and of course I love the thunder and lightening. In fact, the sheer joy of seeing it, more often than not takes me out into the middle of it, to experience the power of it. I just love the new smells you find after such a storm. So today is going to be a really nice and pleasant day.

Of course the problem with the above is that it's a Saturday and I've no work to go to, no plans for a trip or anything. Today is a day of rest, so why the hell was I awake at 5am, and up at around 5.40? A lie in would have been nice, sometime to unwind and relax after the week gone by, but no that isn't the case for me, I'm up at the earliest sign of light. I'm telling you it isn't always that good waking up at that time.

What else has gone on? Well the Oilers won again, so that makes it 2-2 in the series with the Sharks, I'm really getting into this now, and am looking forward to Sunday's game in San Jose, if we can steal that one against the head, then I'd feel even more confident. As each game goes by the more and more I'm getting excited, and of course the closer the chance of winning the cup comes. I think for most Oiler fans we've done what we wanted to do this year and that was to get to the play-off's, and even to win a play-off series, but as it stands right now anything could happen, even the thing that most thought was only a dream way back in September of last year.

Work is going ok for me right now, it's not the greatest, but it's ok. I've got supervision on Monday, which I am guessing might see me kicked in the teeth. For me I've done little to upset people, I've tried to join in etc, but 9 times out of 10 when I'm feeling good or at least ok about things I get kicked in the teeth. So I await with baited breath as to what this month's supervision holds for me.

Away from work how is my life? Well it's on more of an even keel than it has been for a while. I'm now convinced that the medication is helping and not just the AD's. So I guess that I'll go and see my doctor this week at some point and explain to her that I need to maintain the AD's for at least another month or so, till I think that I can live without them again. I won't stay on them forever, that's a dangerous game and I don't tend to enjoy being on them any longer than 3 months at a time, but that's mainly due to the fact that the other AD's that I've had in the past have taken up to a month to actually kick in. These have kicked in almost straight away and that's really helped. My only concern of course is that as one of the side effects is suppose to raise the results of any liver function tests that I have carried out. Considering the way my liver operates it's a slight worry that it may screw it up again, but hey let's see what happens when I get my bloods tested this week.

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