Saturday, May 27, 2006

Away in a Duck Pond

So the day has dawned, and the night has fallen and in the good old US of A the Oilers play the Ducks. I mix the days up, as it's day in Southern California and night time here, but who really cares?? I'm drinking so this is a bit of a tippsy post, not that I've not done that before.

Today hasn't been great, but it hasn't been bad and that's almost good. I know that things aren't perfect, and that they could be better, but I don't care. I'm breathing and that is better than not. I've beat the blues and problems of the past few weeks. I'm actually starting to see a light, it's in te distance, but who gives two shakes of a donkey's tail?

The Oiler play game 5 of 7, 3-1 up and aiming to clinch the series. It would be quite the acheivement for them to do so, and one which bodes well for the future. I can see great things happening to Edmonton in the next few seasons. I can't figure out if it's the coaching or the pure talent of the guys that's got us so far. I don't care if the rest of the hockey world are against us, the ABO's can say what they want, but at the end of the day they are jealous that the Oilers can somehow maintain a history, whilst being a small market team.

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