Monday, May 01, 2006

May the force be with me.

White rabbit and all of that jazz!!! I'm sure that I've said that before, and may even have started off a previous thread to the same effect, but it is the start of a new month and so something has to be done.

I'm hoping that May will be a better month for myself. I've gone through an awful April for what ever reason, and have really pushed myself down to the depths of despair over issues that I suspect are my own making. So I've got to do something to try and alter things AGAIN. That's the hardest thing in the world me thinks. Anyway, enough of that, I think the regular readers will be very aware, that I'm aware of it.

So what of the weekend? Well it wasn't exactly the greatest weekend in my life, but it got better towards the start of Sunday and maintained a steady balance through Sunday. First of all United lost to Chelsea, I can take that, but not the manner of the defeat, it was painful. It was a woeful performance in certain area's of the pitch and they need addressing for next year. Secondly it meant that Chelsea won the title, which is always twists the knife in my stomach, and then Wayne Rooney brakes his foot. That I can live with, as it gives him a rest from football, hopefully the whole summer.

What cheered me up, was hearing the Oilers beat the Wings in Detroit in game 5 of the play-off's. This puts the Oilers 3-2 up, with the next game being played tonight in Edmonton. It's going to be a late night for me as I listen to the game and hope we can advance tonight. It's a great feeling to have a team compete in the play-off's and to have a team advance is even better. It could set up the mother of all second rounds against Cowtown, which would certainly be fun. That would be a good old fashion hockey game if ever that description could be used outside of a certain record.

So with my sporting world equalised I rested through Sunday, not really having to do too much worrying over anything. I think the AD's are helping as are the other tablets that I've started taking again. Nothing illegal, just my normal prescription drugs, but I'd been off them for nearly 6 months and it was starting to show, so having had them cleared of not causing any problems to my liver, I've gone back onto them. With that and the fact that spring is upon us, the fresh leaves on the trees and the flowers growing just makes now a far more peaceful time for myself. Long may it reign over me.