Saturday, May 20, 2006

Feeling Lazy

Considering how stressed, how depressed I've been of late the last couple of days have been so chilled and I've been so lazy that I'm actually happy. I didn't go in work at all yesterday, but that was planned and obviously I'm not working today either.

I should point out that I left my pc on last night on going to bed, this time though at around 12.30am, this was a deliberate ploy though. I knew that at some point I'd wake up and listen to the Oilers game, but didn't want to listen from the start. I kept that thing going in this game, and it worked. The Oilers won, but as this game finished near 5am our time I quickly turned the pc off, and went back to bed.

Normally I'd not get back to sleep, but today was different, I didn't wake up till just turned 8.30am, which is almost a lie in for me, but in actual time slept I probably had as much as I normally do. So this morning I've just spent looking on a couple of sites, not many, I've not even had any music on, which is kind of odd for me. I've just sat listened to the outside world relaxed. I'm in no real mood to do much else to be honest. I didn't have any breakfast till past 10am and have only just now finished washing myself and getting dressed and it's coming up to midday. This is so unlike me, that it's good.

The Oilers won, and that's important.... A road win in the conference finals now gives us the edge in the series, and all we have to do now is win our home games and we are in the Stanley cup. This is now getting seriously good, just as I am making a closure on my United season and also my life with United almost, the Oilers are restoring my faith in sport. With each win, the world around me opens up brighter than it has been for ages. Keep this up you Oilers and make this world a happy one.

As for me, things feel rather muted at the moment, which isn't too bad, the equalibriam is there, which was lost last week, I'm quickly finding my calm again. The tidal wave that hit me, may have swept me off my feet, but it hasn't drowned me just yet.

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