Friday, May 26, 2006

Round and Round

Well it was an ok day I guess, the weather wasn't great, but then can we ever guarentee that in the UK? It was raining to begin with, but as the day wore on, the weather improved, but that was only by the time we were in the car coming home.

Preston, which was our first port of call was ok, but the market wasn't as good as it was the last time I was there, which was a flea market day. Still the indoor section was ok, and though we didn't stop too long in either parts it was nice to see a proper market. The majority of markets have been lost in and around Manchester. After a wander around the town centre looking in various shops we stopped for a cup of tea, before heading back to the car and then onto Southport.

Southport wasn't what I remember it too be. Maybe it's so long since I've been, but it's not as traditional as it used to be. The shopping arcades are still very victorian and look very nice. Well the buildings are nice, but in need of a good clean. The shops however are all very much the same as every where else, long gone it seems the local shops, which is similar to most towns these days. Why have we become such a country where the big chains dominate the towns and cities of this land, the city centre shopping experiences are no longer unique, and it's criminal that every where has lost it's individuality.

We had lunch in a cafe on the main street in Southport, much to my annoyance, but I know my mum couldn't walk much more without something to eat. I really would have liked to have found a pub to eat in, but it wasn't to be I guess. Still it was quite pleasant where we ate, with the exception of the service, which really angered me. I don't mind people forgetting things, but just because we've reminded them, doesn't give them the right to throw things at you. I nearly walked out without paying for that.

The drive home, though longer than I wanted was really nice as it came through all the towns rather than boring drives up and down the main highways. It was a throw back to my holiday.

I guess now it's up to me to find somewhere else to try for the next visit, some where perhaps where neither my mum or I have been, so although the shops will be the same, the town will be totally different.

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