Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cold Turkey

Today will see the start of cold turkey for myself. It's the last day of the soccer season, which isn't normally that bad, but this season isn't a normal season, it's the last one as a season ticket holder. I've been sat in the same seat at OId Trafford for 26 years now, and it's going to be a trauma next season when I'm not going every other week, to watch United. I know for sure that I'll probably end up in tears at the end of the game, for all the wrong reasons.

Taking that away from life, things are well certainly more tranquil than they have been, I'm more at ease with myself, I've even opened the door to myself, though I'm not saying I'm going to answer it to anyone soon, but the door is open. I'm still at a tricky point in my rehabilitation and till I'm happy, I've got to be careful about it.

One interesting note is that due to the start of BST, I'm now seemingly returning to waking up at around 5am every morning. I'm not setting my alarm clock or anything, I think it's due to my bed being opposite the window and the daybreak is making my body think it's time to get up. I guess that I can live with it, as I did last summer. The AD's and the other medication are helping me cope better with things like this again and till I'm 100% I'm not going to jump ship as such, life is almost important to me. Still getting up this early is nice on some days, and if I get into some sort of fitness routine, then I could follow Lisa's lead and get out early of a morning to do some exercises, even if it is just a walk.

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