Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Girl say NO!

I did it, I said no to someone above me at work and you know what it really felt good, though I know that it will in the long run hurt me. I don't care right now, I'm going to be doing something I want instead of something work wants and that's good. I have to give me time, it's something that I've never really done on a regular basis and I think the posts directly after my holiday shows how much I owe it to myself to have ME time.

My mum and I are going to go to Preston and Southport, so that should be quite nice, and somewhere on the way we'll have lunch. I intend not to go into a mainstream restaurant, and do something like I did on my holidays and find a little pub for some good old English pub grub. That would be fun and with my mum for company I can have some company and not feel compelled to move on as quickly as possible.

I've got my blood test results back and the liver function tests which I sort of expected to be high have come back a bit less than I expected, but when they are in a range of 1-50 and the score comes back at 198, it's a bit of a concern. Still the medication that I'm on is supposed to raise the levels, so I suspect that the results would have been around 95 or so normally. My liver is unique and mine, but that doesn't mean it's healthy does it?

Hockey night for me, so I'll be off to bed shortly as I can't listen to the start of the game for reasons already explained in these posts. I've got to get some sleep in prior to the game. I hope the Oilers have rested up and the flu bug has left town, or will be leaving town with the Ducks.. Is it time to start thinking of new banners? I hope so............

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