Sunday, May 14, 2006


What one earth has gone on? 100 views of my page yesterday, when the record had been something like 20 previously. Wow that was some explosion, I just hope to maintain some of those people who came and saw yesterday as regular readers, it's not perhaps everyone's cup of tea, but if you got enough out of it to return then I feel that I've acheived something.

So what of yesterday it wasn't the greatest of days to be honest, though it didn't bring many problems it brought about a robbery in Cardiff yet again, and a painful one. I can't say anymore, it's too painful, but let's just rest assured the crime was seen by millions and those who committed the crime are known to the police. Not that it will make any difference to them.

The good weather we had seems to be at an end and the subtle different shades of grey have descended upon the world outside. Just as my world becomes devoid of grey the world outside takes it upon itself to respond to my changes by trying to temp me back to where I was. I won't be returning there for a while yet, the train may be going slowly up the hill, but it's going up, it's got the power to continue to the top of the hill and while we are going up this hill I've got builders maintaining the high ground for me when I reach the summit.

Not a huge day today for me, probably more the same as normal, in that I'll do very little, listen to music and possibly go do some shopping. I need some teabags, bread, milk and cheese. That's a weeks shopping for me right now, and it's all I really need. Off to my mum's later to watch 24 with her and then of course home to bed. The Oilers play tonight, but as has become the norm I'll not listen to the game unless it goes to OT and they are still playing when I get up.

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