Thursday, May 11, 2006

Up and Running

I'm sorry for the slight delay in posts on here of late, I'm sure that you all want to know what is going on? Well to tell you the truth, not much, but the past few days have been interesting.

Monday night I did go out and see the concert with my friend, and to be honest I really enjoyed the music. It was very odd though, as it was clearly a nu-metal gig, but to me the music was more punk that metal, perhaps it's my age I don't know? I did complain about the strobe lighting at one point, and the bass was making the drinks on the bar jump, but that I could cope with. Strobe lighting that was aimed at the back of the room, which was hitting me straight in the eyes. I had to turn around and just listen, and it wasn't just me the bar staff weren't happy about it either!! No one had been told of the strobe lights, and I think had we, we'd have been ready for them.

So Monday night I eneded up sleeping at my mum's with my friend. Tuesday morning I took her to the station, and then went into work for some training, that lasted the whole day and left me with only a little time before my group started. That made Tuesday a long day, and meant that the hours I put in on Monday to help out were sort of wasted as I was going to get my weekly hours on Tuesday as it was. Still as I was working on Monday I'm going to claim for them. By the time I got in here on Tuesday I was quite weary and couldn't muster the thought to write.

Yesterday, Wednesday was another busy day. I had an appointment at 10am, so I finished watching something at around 9.20 and left. On leaving I realised that the need for new trainers were vital, so after the appointment, I went down to the Lowry shopping mall, as they've got a good Nike shop. Nike are good in terms of selling very high sized shoes for women. Not many brands go up to 10's, well not unless you really go looking. The Nike shop always has a good range of mainly out of range trainers, but at reduce prices. Added to this they are currently offering buy one, get another half price. So yesterday I spent £30($60 cdn) on two pairs of trainers which should have been £95(£190 cdn). I was quite happy with that deal.

We had yet another meeting at work, before I had some proper work to do. Again on coming home I was a bit tired and not too interested in posting here, but I did know that this morning would be different, so I ignore here last night. I'm sorry if you guys have been popping back in to see the latest updates, and found I've been quite quiet, but it's only been a little blimp I promise.

On to today, and as I'm not in work till aorund 5pm, I'm going to take my mum shopping somewhere, where I'm not 100% sure, but hey let's go for it. I woke up this morning expecting to see the result of the latest Oilers game. I couldn't they had gone into 3rd OT. So I put the radio on and it was only on a short time before they Oilers clinched the game with a goal from Shaun Horcoff, what a star, make him the Lord of Edmonton for that one. Wow, that could be THE goal! We're up and running in the series now and the next game on Friday is going to be so special.

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