Thursday, March 30, 2006

Playing with Toys

So, I have a new toy in my digital camera, and whilst away I obviously played around with things. The previous set's of pictures, mainly those from Stone Henge and now these two show that playing around with the effects can have a real good effect on things.

Whilst both pictures are of the same scene, one obviously was in black and white, and had a zoom effect on the camera, whilst the colour version had none. Both have created really good pictures. The black and white one conveys to me anyway the fact that although a spring day and the sun was out, it was still very cold. The wind was biting and this picture captures that very well. The colour captures the beauty of the scene and the power of the water, but little else. I have to say that I do enjoy taking pictures and over the past few years I've negleted to go further than looking. Having had camera's broken by children and not replaced I've sort of forgotten the art of using a camera. I'm not good, but I do like to capture certain moments and things on film.

More and more over the coming months and years possibly you'll see the use of photo's on here. I hope that I can capture the scene and mood of what ever, but that isn't always possible. Also as the camera was bought for both my mum and I to share, there will be things that my mum will take, when she goes on her holidays to various far flung places.

Going back to these pictures, they were taken in Sailsbury, before I headed off to Stone Henge. I didn't expect them to turn out very good, but they have. It's things like that, that make me feel a bit better with myself. Certainly on a day like today, after the blow out that was yesterday. I know what set me off, and it's something of an old bug bear with me, but I had to blow out some where. What could go wrong did go wrong and unfortunately it was you the readers that bore the brunt of my anger towards myself and others. Sorry.

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