Friday, March 03, 2006

Back Home

Well yesterday was so wonderful, so peaceful and best of all so relaxing. My time spent in Lancaster took me away from everything, and although work phoned me up to tell me a couple of things, which I'm sure could have waited, but I didn't let that spoil the day.

I got up there around 10.30ish, but time isn't really important, I found the new house, which is nice and cosy, and though smaller than the p
revious place a lot better. We chatted for ages on lots of things and laughed about others. We then went for a drive, as it was a little cold to get the bikes out. So we drove the couple of miles into Morcombe, and glad we did, for although rather mild considering what had been expected weather wise, it was cold. That though was as far as it got, as it was a really clear day, and the views across to Cumbria were stunning. With some of the hills being topped off with snow, it was beautiful. The sun was out making all the colours really stand out and the sheer beauty of it was encaptivating.

After a walk up the prom, to look for
a shop I'd bought a mobile in, on a previous visit only to find it shut, we wandered back to the car, via looking in a couple of other shops around the town. We didn't really buy anything, but it was nice just to walk around and look. From Morcombe we headed up to Arnside, which in it's own unique way is sweet. There is a junk shop in the village to which I've been once before, more akin to a Old Curiosity shop than junk, it's like an aladin's den for stuff you wouldn't expect to find. Unfortunately it was shut yesterday, for no reason, but that didn't worry us. We went down and looked in a couple of shops before going to a bakers, which had a little cafe within it. They didn't have a lot left to in way of fare to offer, but what they did was stunning. The warmed pork pie, hit the mark so well, I can only say that unlike many pork pies you get in supermarkets all over, this was made with 100% pork, and not just the mixture.

After getting back into Lancaster we had some tea and sat down chatting away with backgro
und music provided by Julian Cope, of whom I'm growing more and more fond in terms of his music. After letting the tea settle I headed back home, which was fun in itself. Well it wasn't too much fun, but it was just much more chilled than the trip the previous way earlier in the day. In a way, yesterday has made my week off all the worth while and I'm thankful to Lauren and Leanne for giving me the chance to go up and see them.

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