Friday, March 31, 2006


Up to a few years back, I never really had to attend appointments at a hospital, it was only in the last few years that regular hospital visits have taken place. Now and again as old age approaches I must admit that I've missed appointments, but nothing has ever been said, as I'll hold my hands up and say sorry. Like today, I had the appointment for this morning in my diary for well over 4 months now, and yet I go to find the letter before setting off and find that it was cancelled and re-arranged for last week. I wouldn't have gone down to Winchester had I known it was last week, but still there you go, I held my hand up and said I obviously didn't read the letter properly and it was my fault. That appointment has now been re-arranged for July.

Then though I suddenly realise that the referal back to the gastro people with regards my liver functions had not produced an appointment. It was back in January when I was refered back to them, but nothing had come to me with regards an appointment. I phoned up the referal call centre to see what was going on, to find that the department had discharged me last week, even though I'd never received an appointment. It really is puzzling me, as I wouldn't miss an appointment if it was sent to me. I would have written it in my diary, and yes like todays example, may miss due to it being rearranged and my failings to read letters properly, but I've never got a letter from them. What makes it worse is that my doctors hasn't had any sort of letter from the gastro deptartment saying they've discharged me and why they have done so.

I'm now left wondering what I should do. My liver is, as we know an odd thing, and it baffles the gastro department at the hospiatal anyway, but to discharge me without even seeing me is odd. Well I guess I can say that I give up almost on it all. If I pop my clogs due to any liver problems, we know that a doctor somewhere needs to be aksed the question why.... It's down in writing here for the world to see.

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