Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Nervous Times

Ok, so things aren't that bad, nothing major is going to happen, or at least I hope not. The reason why I'm feeling a bit nervous is that I've booked a couple of weeks off work from this weekend and while I've only just gone back, this time I'm due to go down to see Lisa next week.

Regular readers here may recall that I was really looking forward to going down to Lisa's around the time of her and my birthdays in September/October of last year. It was cancelled late on due to reasons beyond both of our control's. Now I suffered that week, and anyone reading here will know that. So this time I'm hoping that I'll get down there. I'm slightly nervous as of course I've got around 6 days before I travel down and I sort of don't want to have Lisa calling, emailing me or texting me. Every time she does, I'm expecting to be told I can't go down for what ever reason. It's that sort of time. So I'm a bit nervous, so if my posts become very bouncy in terms of where I go and what I say, it's mainly nervous energy.

This past week has been rather good, nothing major has taken place so far to set me going, in fact, things have been just about ok. So fingers crossed it stays the same.

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