Friday, March 31, 2006


The end of the week is nigh, and a strange week it's been to be honest. A lot of chilling out and then a horrible day on Wednesday, where I blew up. It was one of those days when you do something and it doesn't come off. Just when you think you are safe, just when you are happy, you realise that your not safe, and emotionally stretched. I broke on Wednesday for no reason, and it went from bad to worse in many ways.

I've got to get through those sorts of days, but it's really difficult, always has been and always will be. Still I got through it, and have chilled further. I think it could be done to stress that I had no idea that I was carrying around with me, and that can creep up on you like the night. So begins the next chapter, till the next blow out.

I'm back in work next week, which will be fun as I've got to get back into the habit of working again after nearly a month off. I say a month I've had 3 weeks in the last 5 off, which has been really cool, more so this time with 2 weeks off. I've not had to endure any problems and I've done things in the past two weeks that I've not done in years, and I mean years. I've seen people that I've not seen for ages and that is always a good thing. To catch up with old friends is always good for you. Now with Spring really upon us, the weather will incite my mood with a burst of energy and things may shift up a gear or two as well.

I've a hospital appointment today, a final check up me thinks, with regards my nose. I'd forgot that I was due to go, till late last night, which is a good job really. I know it's in my diary, but if I'd gone elsewhere I could have been in serious trouble couldn't I? Well it seems that Friday's are going to be busy again, with me off to Cardiff next Friday. I'm looking forward to that, not only for the meeting, and the people there, but because I love Cardiff, I think I've made it clear it's one of my favourite places.

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