Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Fuck the World.

You try your hardest and then bang, fucking shit hits you so fucking hard that it fucking hurts like a 16 tonne demolition balls hit you in the face. Well, with my face it feels like it, looks like it. What the fucking hell do I have to do? For christ's sake? I wouldn't mind, but I devoted my life to helping others, and yet what do I get in return? Nothing, fucking nothing. I've had enough, no more Mr Nice Guy from me from now on.... Why should I? Being nice don't get me anywhere in life, so I'll try and be fucking nasty? Mind you knowing my luck, that will back fire on me....

Why I fucking bother I don't know. I think in previous life times I must have been Judas, Genhis Khan, Hitler, A few of the Roman Emperors and any other much hated person you care to think of. For some reason I seem to have everything that they've done and more besides thrown back at me. I'm treated like some sort of second class citizen and if anyone and I mean anyone crosses me today I'm going to give them such a mouth full that I may well be in line for being arrested. I've had enough.

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